Who makes sure that your

vested benefits are doing well?

These addresses on behalf of all.

Structure and organisation

Board of Trustees

  • Rudolf Stäger
  • Sven Heller
  • Daniel Greber

Management Board

Tellco Asset Management AG, Schwyz


  • Bankrevisions- und Treuhand AG
  • Zurlindenstrasse 134
  • CH-8036 Zürich

Supervisory authority

  • Zentralschweizer BVG-
  • und Stiftungsaufsicht
  • Luzern

Pension actuary

AON Hewitt AG, Zürich




Account for transfers

  • Raiffeisenbank Waldstätte, Schwyz
  • IBAN CH65 8135 8000 0049 7139 6
  • Reference: Surname, first name, AHV number

Customer service

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