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Tellco Group refers individually to Tellco Ltd (the parent company) and all subsidiaries, including their branches, representative offices, agencies and similar entities that are included in the consolidated accounts of the Tellco Group.

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Restrictions on access/use

  • The website of the Tellco Group does not address persons who are prohibited by the legal system of their country to access the website of the Tellco Group. Such persons are not allowed to access the website of the Tellco Group.
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Not an offer

The information and opinions published on the website of the Tellco Group do not constitute an advertisement, a recommendation, an offer or an invitation to provide a quotation (i) for the acquisition or sale of investment vehicles, (ii) to execute any other transactions or (iii) to enter into any legal contracts. The published content is provided for information purposes only. The possibility cannot be excluded that the investment vehicles and services as described are not suitable for or available to you.

Not advice

The information and opinions published on the Tellco website do not serve as investment advice and do not in any way constitute advice on legal, tax, commercial or any other issues. No decisions should be taken on the basis of this information. You should obtain advice from a specialised expert before taking any specific decisions.

Intellectual property

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Investment funds

Persons who are resident in a country where the local law prohibits the publication of or access to information on the Tellco funds and the Tellco Investment Foundation are prohibited from accessing this information.

No warranty

The Tellco Group applies the greatest possible care in compiling and updating the information published on the website of the Tellco Group. The Tellco Group and its contracting partners do not give any warranty (or accept any liability towards third parties) regarding the accuracy, current relevance and completeness of the information and opinions published on the website of the Tellco Group. The Tellco Group also does not accept any responsibility for or provide any guarantee that the functions on its website will not be interrupted or will remain free of defects or that the defects will be remedied or that the website or the servers are free of viruses or other destructive programs.

Right to make changes

All information, performance and other data, links or other messages can be changed at any time without providing the users with any prior information or explanations.


The value of the invested capital and the price of the fund units as well as the income on the units and the dividend distributions are subject to fluctuation or could even lose value totally. Positive performance in the past therefore provides no guarantee of positive performance in the future. We can in particular not guarantee that your capital investment will be protected, and there is no guarantee that you will receive the same value for your capital invested or the fund units held by you when you sell or redeem your fund units. Investments in foreign currency are also subject to exchange rate fluctuations or currency risks. This means that the performance of such investments also depends on the volatility of the foreign currency, which could have a negative impact on the value of the invested capital. With investments in investment funds, the risk/return potential is closely linked to the investment policy and investment focus of the individual investment fund. For example, investments in the technological sector and the emerging markets are very volatile and the loss when selling the units can be great. Neither the Tellco Group nor its contracting partners accept any liability for any losses.

Exclusion of liability



By using a link on this website you may leave the website of the Tellco Group. The Tellco Group has not investigated the websites of third parties linked to the website of the Tellco Group and does not accept any responsibility for their content and in particular not for the offers, information and opinions published therein.

Use of e-mails

We advise you that the use of e-mails is voluntary. For the use of e-mails we refer you to the following legal conditions of use. E-mails are transmitted via unprotected public networks and can be intercepted, read and changed by third parties. Even if the sender and recipient are both based in Switzerland, e-mails are regularly transmitted unchecked across borders. Apart from seeing the contents, third parties can also identify the sender and recipient of an e-mail and can therefore conclude that there is a connection to the Tellco Group. This also applies to e-mails that are used to communicate with the Tellco Group. The Tellco Group is authorised to send e-mails to the user. Subject to separate agreements, messages and instructions (incl. payment orders) sent by e-mail are not binding to the Tellco Group for security reasons. The Tellco Group does not under any circumstances accept liability for losses arising from the use of e-mails. For technical reasons the Tellco Group cannot guarantee the delivery of e-mails. The Tellco Group excludes any and all liability for losses arising from e-mails that are lost or delivered late. These provisions apply mutatis mutandis to other communication channels that are comparable to e-mail as regards their functioning and exposure to risk.


We would ask you to contact your tax advisor for information on the taxation laws in your country of domicile regarding investors who hold, buy or sell fund units and other investment products and the impact on their tax situation.

Applicable law

If the use of this website leads to a legal relationship between the user and the Tellco Group, this relationship will be subject to and construed in accordance with Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Schwyz, Canton of Schwyz.

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