When is an account solution a sensible option for you as

a private individual? When you want to earn preferential

interest but do not want to accept any investment risk.

Account solution

You can invest your vested benefits with the Tellco foundation for vested pension benefits without having to accept any investment risks. You benefit from a preferential interest rate and in the event of insolvency, your assets will be treated in a priviledged manner – namely in second class up to an amount of CHF 100‘000. Naturally you can also use your assets or part thereof to finance owner-occupied residential property. Vested benefits are exempt from income, wealth and withholding tax until they are paid out, at which point they are taxed separately at a special rate. If you are resident in a foreign country, the tax rate of the canton where the vested benefits foundation is domiciled applies, which gives a real edge to the Canton of Schwyz, which has the lowest tax rate in Switzerland.

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