How does Tellco foundation for vested benefits

help you to acquire residential property?

Comprehensively and with tax advantages for you.


You can request the unconditional cash payment of your vested benefits if

  • you take up self-employment in Switzerland and are no longer subject to the mandatory employee benefits insurance.
  • your vested benefits amount to less than your annual contribution to the employee benefits insurance.
  • you leave Switzerland permanently (for details, see Relocating abroad)
  • you are a cross-border commuter and stop working permanently.
  • you have reached the statutory retirement age or request a cash payment at the earliest five years before you reach retirement age. You can also defer the withdrawal of the vested benefits for five years past the statutory retirement age.
  • you receive a full disability pension from disability insurance.
  • you want to use your vested benefits to purchase owner-occupied residential property or to repay an outstanding mortgage (for details, see Advance withdrawal to finance residential property)

You can request the transfer of your vested benefits to

  • the registered pension fund of your new employer if you start working again and are subject to compulsory employee benefits insurance.
  • another vested benefits institution.

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