What gives you a lucky break when

you move abroad permanently?

Tellco's domicile.

Relocating abroad

Tellco foundation for vested benefits offers efficient transaction services to insured who are moving abroad permanently.

As soon as you provide confirmation that you have given up your residence in Switzerland, you have to pay withholding tax when you withdraw your vested benefits. The withholding tax rate depends on the domicile of the foundation that manages your vested benefits. The Canton of Schwyz applies the lowest withholding tax rate in Switzerland. We would be happy to provide you with more optimisation options.

Since 1 June 2007, if you have your tax domicile in an EU or EFTA country and you have compulsory social insurance coverage in this country, you can withdraw the extra-mandatory component of your vested benefits in cash. The mandatory component of the vested benefits must be deposited with a Swiss pension fund until you reach retirement age (earliest at the age of 58) or until you are no longer subject to compulsory social insurance coverage.

If you relocate to another country, you can withdraw all of your vested benefits.

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